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Small or big companies essentially share equal software requirements. Excel spreadsheets fail to be productive once your business expands. Let’s make greater success rates and more productive use of resources by selecting the ideal software for your business work flow.

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You can register to use Odoo 12 on the cloud, or you can install Odoo on your own dedicated server. Depending on the license you will have access to the Community or Enterprise version. Many hosting companies now are offering packages with a complete Odoo 12 install included. Also the amount of server combinations has increased, offering interesting prices to compare. See below Hosting partners listed.

Odoo 12 Self Training Courses Available Online For Everyone To Use

These training videos are made by Odoo to explain the functionality in the modules of Odoo 12. You can use them free by either viewing the videos within this page or follow the link to the official Odoo page. Do you need help in configuring or setting up Odoo 12 in the most productive way for your business requirements? Our team of experts can help you select the best solutions for your needs. We offer installation, implementation and maintenance services. Besides that we are available for online training sessions to prepare your team on the best possible way to work with Odoo 12 modules. 

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Odoo 12 Basics and how to navigate through modules

Odoo 12 How to create quotations and sales

Odoo 12 How to setup a sales team

Odoo 12 How to process leads effectively

Odoo 12 How to follow up customer payments

Odoo 12 How to create reports and financial statements

Odoo 12 How to schedule activities

Odoo 12 How to use communication and discussion

Odoo 12 How to import data and manage contacts

Odoo 12 How to create optimal pipelines

Odoo 12 How to handle lead generation

Odoo 12 How to configure online quotations

Odoo 12 How to setup delivery prices

Odoo 12 How to configure delivery lead times

Odoo 12 How to create multiple pricelists

Odoo 12 How to create computed pricelists

Odoo 12 How to configure dropshipping

Odoo 12 How to configure payment terms

Odoo 12 How to configure invoice payment methods

Odoo 12 How to use QR code on invoices

Odoo 12 How to manage sales tax and VAT

Odoo 12 How to manage fiscal positions

Odoo 12 How to manage extra taxes

Odoo 12 How to follow up payments

Odoo 12 Accounting features overview

Odoo 12 Basics how to use accounting

Odoo 12 How to reconcile bank statements

Odoo 12 How to reconcile invoices with discount

Odoo 12 How to generate financial statements

Odoo 12 How to use analytic accounting

Odoo 12 How to close the fiscal year

Odoo 12 How to do an inventory valuation

Odoo 12 How to use asset management and depreciation

Odoo 12 How to handle deferred revenues

Odoo 12 Basics how to use projects

Odoo 12 How to manage sub tasks in projects

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